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Sarasota Five Star award winner


Raul Elizalde

President & Chief Investment Officer
Path Financial, LLC
1990 Main Street / Suite 750
Sarasota, FL 34236
Office: (941) 350-7904

Professional Approach

With more than 30 years of experience on financial investments, Raul Elizalde focuses on building sustainable, long-term results for his clients at Path Financial. Raul shares his investment views on his website and on his blog at

At the center of Raul’s approach to investing is a sophisticated, highly disciplined process focused on understanding risk. Its ultimate goal is to protect client savings during market downturns and produce steady, long-term positive returns.

Path Financial is dedicated to providing one-on-one service to its clients. This means understanding their financial objectives, helping them define those goals, knowing the chances of achieving them and charting the best way to get there. All this is done with the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility, transparency and confidentiality.

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