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Enhance Your Business With the Right Home/Auto Partner
Many homeowners, especially
new homeowners, do not have a relationship with an insurance agent
and will look to their real estate agent to recommend the right agent.
Jonathan Oaks, owner and president of American Advantage – Lindow Insurance in Pewaukee, WI (,
            Jonathan the benefits of this type of relationship. Oaks
         partners with real estate agents and explains
     Early Preparation Avoids Problems
These transactions can be
complicated and need planning. “If a client is selling one home
and buying another, there can be a vacant home that needs coverage.
Even when it is a same day buy/sell, it can get complicated,” Oak says. “If we can
prepare, there will be no surprises.”
Document Sharing Uncovers Important Issues
Oaks likes to see the home inspection report, which can tip him off to problems that might later cause the insurance company to bail. “A common one is finding out at the
last minute that the fuse box is old,” he says. “If we know ahead of time, we’ll advise that it be replaced before closing.”
Preplanning Helps Insurers Anticipate
Extenuating Circumstances
Preplanning avoids last-minute complications that can cause problems and delays at closing. “I’ve been in situations where suddenly, at closing, we learn that the new home has a swimming pool with a slide or diving board, or there is more acreage than expected. Because we didn’t know ahead of time, the insurance company balks, and closing is held up,” he says.
Partnerships Can Lead to Lower
Insurance Costs
“If I’m brought in early and know the specs of the new home, I’ll have time to price shop to get the best and cheapest coverage,” Oaks says. As an independent agent, he can get quotes from 20 to 25 insurance carriers. “If we can save the new homeowner money, we make the Realtor look good!”
Oaks also makes the case for the homeowner to purchase a combined home and auto insurance package. “They’ll see premium savings and sometimes a combined deductible, so if a roof and auto are damaged by hail, the homeowner only pays one deductible,” he says.
                              Oaks, an insurer since 1992, has been a Five Star Home/Auto Insurance Professional for five consecutive years. The Five Star award is based on professional excellence and customer satisfaction.
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