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 5 Effective Ways to Improve YOUR PERSONAL BRANDING
Connecting with clients and customers online is one way to improve your personal brand, but there is no substitute for real-life interaction. Speaking engagements can help you build your brand and cement your expertise. Speak about a topic, not about yourself.
4. Continue learning.
Experts know what they know, but they also know what they don’t know. If you want to enhance your brand and improve value for your clients, you need to keep learning. Spend time in the classroom, attend webinars online and find a mentor or personal board of directors.
5. Define your personal brand. Every one of your branding efforts, from your Facebook page to your speaking engagements, should aid your efforts to improve and enhance your brand. So be consistent in your messaging, your look and your presentation.
  For a real estate agent, a personal brand is the image you present to your clients and potential clients. It’s being clear and intentional about your personality, your target market, your authenticity, your knowledge and what it is like to work with you. You want to promote a sense of success. Here are five tips to boost your personal brand:
1. Be yourself.
Authenticity is vital when building a personal brand. It can be tempting to put on airs and be who you think your clients want you to be, but being yourself will always pay off in the end. Authenticity builds trust.
2. Show off your expertise.
Everyone has expertise in something, so show
off what you know and use that knowledge to enhance your brand. Submitting expert articles to industry publications, posting how-to guides on your blog and sharing what you know on social media can all enhance your brand. Everyone wants to hire a real estate agent who knows their market and makes buying a home easy.
Utilize speaking engagements.
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