Washington D.C.
2021 Five Star Real Estate Agents

Anyone who’s ever bought or sold a home knows that it’s not always easy. From listing to open houses, finding the right financing to making sure your properly insured, there are many moving parts to keep aligned.

Sometimes, a few simple questions can set one off on the right path. Asking a professional what makes working with him or her a unique experience can help you understand how they work and if their style meshes with your own. Further, asking them to talk about any specialties they might have can help uncover skills you might find useful.

This is a great place to start! Five Star Professional has partnered with Washington Post Magazine to help consumers like you find outstanding home professionals in their area. Each award candidate undergoes a thorough research process combining client feedback and production measures before being considered for the final list of award winners. For more information on our research methodology and criteria, see our Research page.