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Seattle Five Star award winner


Jana L. Schmidt

John L Scott Real Estate
4735 NE 4th St
Renton, WA 98059
Office: 425-891-0088
Cell: 425-891-0088


Jana's Story

Helping clients buy and sell real estate has become a dream career for me. I grew up in apartments and moved frequently as a child. Before I could even drive a car I would walk through nice neighborhoods and dream about someday living in a beautiful home. Being of service to others in this act, is one of the most rewarding careers I can possibly imagine.

My childhood passion for homes has not wavered. I’ve been studying homes and neighborhoods for as long as I can remember. I can educate my clients on everything from type of architecture, to quality construction, to neighborhood characteristic that stand the test of time.

I’m a real estate girl though and though, in fact, I bought my first home when I was 19 and my first investment property when I was 28. I started selling real estate at the age of 25 in a busted up Geo Storm. I would park my car around the corner and walk to the homes of prospective clients such as expired listings and those selling by owner. Like any eventual successful salesperson, I’ve had the door slammed in my face numerous times, yet I was determined to prevail.

Luck and hard work would meet on my journey. In 2004, I was fortunate enough to land in a fantastic office with a culture of competitive sportsmanship and sharing; John L. Scott Renton provided a team of colleagues who were committed to helping each other. Some of the most successful agents in the region and in the country were coaching me, encouraging me and helping me to help my clients. Now, I am proud to say, I mentor new agents whenever I see someone as determined as I was.

The final piece of this foundation for a rock solid career in real estate came to me via a coaching program for real estate salespeople known as the Mike Ferry Organization. Mike teaches agents to work hard, to practice their scripts and embrace salesmanship as an art form and prideful profession.

Over the years, I’ve become a masterful steward of the dollar; especially as it pertains to real estate. I’ll work hard to ensure you get a fair price for your home, whether you are buying, selling or both.

Moreover, I’m a passionate environmentalist and I’ve worked hard to lessen my carbon footprint. I’m using paperless technology whenever possible, driving an electric car powered by solar, and blogging about green technologies for the home. I’m dead serious about my obligations to make the world a better place.

I’ve sought out additional education to help identify homes that are not only more efficient but more comfortable and healthy. From solar PV panels to indoor air quality and sustainable building practices, I can help promote these features in your home as well as help a buyer identify the value of such when searching for a home.

So why is the above important to you?

When you hire a real estate agent, you are in essence agreeing to a working relationship that will last anywhere from 30 days to upward of six months. When I work with an individual or a family, I work very closely with you. There are few professions where so much is shared; family planning, finances, career goals, etc. Because of these reasons, it’s important to know the person is committed to your goals and your needs and not just driven by the commission.

As you read through my reviews, I’m hopeful that my background will help paint the picture of why my clients say the things they say about me. With my vast experience, my passion for real estate and my commitment to making the world a better place, I walk the talk. And I’d love to go to work for you.

Thank you so much for your time in learning about me and my philosophy.


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