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How a Team Benefits My Clients

I told prospects (in my advertising, in my face-to-face meetings with them, in my followup communication, etc.) that when they buy or sell with my team, they automatically benefit from the most unique and powerful homeselling system that not only has been engineered…but, more importantly, PROVEN…to give them better service and results. I told them that it is important for them to understand how different my system was from the way most agents operated because this difference is responsible for the tremendous success my clients have when using my system to buyer or sell a home.

I explained that when they list their home with me, it is far more likely to sell, and far more likely to sell for more money…the two benefits that typically matter most to most homeowners. I showed buyers how they can easily find the home of their dreams with the least amount of effort and the least amount of money. This result can be traced directly to my team system, and here’s how I explained it to them.

I have modeled my business after other successful businesses outside of real estate such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc. Instead of operating as a one-man show as most agents do, I have hired a whole team of professionals who are specially trained to zero in on different aspects of the homeselling process. Let’s use a doctor as an example. If you’re booked for surgery, your doctor DOESN’T call you up to make the booking, his or her receptionist does this. Your doctor DOESN’T greet you at the admissions department, or help you fill out the admission forms, or prep you for the surgery, or wheel you into surgery. He or she DOESN’T administer the anesthetic, or wash the surgical instruments, or dig through the instruments to select the one he or she wants. What your doctor DOES do is perform the actual surgery, and he or she does so with (hopefully) skill and undivided attention.

Woe to the patient whose doctor skips out in the middle of surgery to answer their phone or to go fill out some forms for another patient. Have you ever had a doctor cold call you for business? Or call you up to see if perhaps you’d be interested in coming in to see him or her? This speaks to the important larger issue of how you should perceive yourself. You should no more perceive yourself as a salesperson than your doctor or lawyer or accountant do. Instead, you are a professional…a trained and highly skilled real estate professional who can draw upon your expertise and experience to offer clients unique benefits that will give them superior results when they buy or sell a home. So, how does the notion of specialization translate itself to real estate? Well, I had a customer service manager who was solely dedicated to following up with agents who had shown my clients’ homes in order to gather feedback about what potential buyers were saying about their home. This is very important information for both the listing agent, and the homeseller to know, and a detailed verbal report was given to each of my homesellers every week.

I also have a marketing department which specializes in putting together the most extensive and aggressive marketing plan for my clients’ homes. So, when the home sellers call to hire our team to get their home sold, we already have a database of ready, willing, able, and qualified buyers looking to buy.

My team of buyers’ agents are all responsible for finding buyers for your home. My prospects and clients find it easy to understand how this manpower significantly outweighs what they could find with a single agent.

I also found that some brokerages in my marketplace played a smoke and mirrors game with the word “team”. Specifically, they advertised pictures of all agents in the brokerage and pitched this as their “team”. Clearly, they were using the word “team” where it didn’t really exist. In reality, they had lots of agents who all worked independently of each other…NOT as a true team. They didn’t work together with a group focus on each individual client’s home the way my team system did.

When a prospect challenged my point that my team system is unique and would throw up one of these brokerage “team” ads, I helped them understand the difference by drawing an analogy to a sports team. Take baseball, for example. When a baseball team is in the outfield, each team member covers a specific responsibility. One team member pitches, another covers first base, still others take responsibility for the infield and the outfield, etc. By narrowing the focus of each individual team member, and allowing them to specialize in a specific position, when put together as a group, the team has all bases covered (no pun intended.)

If this division of responsibilities didn’t occur, the team would be far less effective. If, for example, all players covered first base, there would be many areas of the field exposed, making it very easy for the opposing team to run home again and again. This, I explain, is what it’s like in these other so called, “teams”…only worse. In the case of these other companies, all players are trying to play all positions at the same time. Every single agent is trying to be all things to each of their clients. There is no cooperative effort between them. You could hardly call this a team. It’s more like a herd…a herd of sheep, all blindly following the rules that someone made up when real estate began 120 years ago. With my true team approach, our organized efforts meant that there would NEVER be any gaps on the “playing field”. As a result, my clients never had to worry about whether I took a weekend off (the way they would if they listed with a single agent). Our team coverage was so well organized and effective that my team provided 24-hour, 7-day a week marketing and back-up for their home. There was always someone knowledgeable, competent and experienced handling all inquiries on their home because all the knowledge didn’t reside with just one team member. Instead, a team of 5 or 6 was assigned to each new listing (each responsible for a different part of the puzzle), and with this manpower, we marketed their home in innovative ways that most agents couldn’t.

Because each of my Team members was responsible for a list of very specific tasks that occurred during each client’s transaction, there was never a question of something getting forgotten in the buying or selling process. Everyone was well aware of what jobs they were responsible for, what order they were to be done in and what the desired outcome was for each client .

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