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Melissa Murphy

12550 SE 93rd Ave Ste 340
Clackamas, OR 97015
Office: 503-702-0369

My Nana always said, “Melissa rolls with the punches, and sometimes she punches back!” She recognized that I am a patient, compassionate, understanding person who will stand up to adversity when necessary. I’ve always been this way and it has served me well throughout my life in times of joy and when facing obstacles.

Growing up, my dad’s career meant our family relocated often. Being the “new kid” was scary, but I relied on my humor and ability to relate to others to make friends. Looking back, I am fortunate to have lived in different states and to have attended Malcolm X, Berkeley High, and JEB Stuart High. Not many people can say they attended a school named for a Black Rights activist and one for a Confederate General. These experiences shaped my ability to enter a room of strangers and leave with friends.

Because I’ve lived coast to coast, I joke that I’m “bi-coastal:” laid-back, but intense about it. My Nana saw that in me; I’m easy going until faced with a challenge. Then, my focus sharpens, and I get to work.

After college, I had my oldest son. His dad and I agreed to co-parent, but not get married. We’ve been great friends for over 24-years. While becoming a single mom was unexpected, it never occurred to me to do anything except keep moving forward. That included putting one foot in front of the other when a friend asked me to join her Marine Corps Marathon team to raise money for the Whitman Walker Aids Clinic. My helper nature couldn’t say no.

Despite training hard for months, up at 4:30 AM running 16, 18, and 22-miles, race day was tough. Everything hurt, knees begging to quit. At the 20-mile mark, my dad ran alongside me encouraging me. At the 25-mile mark, officials made him exit the course. I had 1.2 miles to go. I pushed to cross the finish line, an achievement of a lifetime.

While I have always been athletic, I’m not like the runners at the front of the pack: the tall, lanky, long-legged athletes. I’m curvy, muscular, strong, and have some “just had a baby” weight, but my body carries me the distance. I’ve run a full marathon, over 30 half-marathons, as well as several 5k and 10K races. I love seeing every shape, size, ability, and age on the course being themselves, putting one foot in front of the other.

It wasn’t until I was faced with an unexpected, life-changing event that I realized just how much running and perseverance would shape my life.

In 2007, I married my best friend Tim – a funny, kind, gentle giant with a booming laugh and endless knowledge of trivia. He embraced being a stepfather with the same grace and joy he brings to parenting the two children we have together.

I never sit still for long and after our youngest was born by emergency c-section on Christmas morning, I was back to work within weeks. When a client called wanting to tour a home, I was happy to answer. Tim  and I made an adventure out of the evening with Jack and Rosie. Unfortunately, that adventure turned to adversity.

On our way home, a woman ran a red light. Tim swerved, but catastrophic impact was unavoidable. Hearing my daughter’s sweet voice, I scrambled to check on our kids. They were safe. However, Tim had hit his head on the corner of the door frame.

At the ER, he was admitted into the ICU for a brain bleed from a traumatic brain injury which later complicated his depression. Since 2012, he has been hospitalized seven times, gone through three rounds of outpatient treatment, and endured a long road of recovery.

Tim’s humble courage and persistence inspire me. Together, we have created a strong family dynamic. Tim captains the ship at home with the kids and I am grateful to continue to work in my passion as a REALTOR®. Our roles may not be traditional, but our kids are gaining a valuable lesson in teamwork, resilience, and commitment.  We know how to go the distance.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens, obstacles arise, and challenges test you. My focus remains on the goal; finding solutions and moving toward the finish line. If I had never completed a marathon, I might not know what I can achieve. If the accident didn’t happen, my husband might still be teaching. Just like a real estate transaction, life can be unpredictable. Because of my determination and persistence, I’m able to go the distance with a smile on my face. Handing over the keys to a home is like receiving the medal at the end of a race and brings me endless joy.

As a REALTOR®, these experiences have helped me serve others at a higher level. I’ll promise to devote my time and focus to your real estate journey. Buying or selling a home can be stressful, but it’s also exciting! My job is to guide you through the unexpected and get you on your way to reaching your goals. Thank you for taking time to learn more about me. I look forward to the opportunity to work together and can’t wait to see what your future holds!


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