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Six Tips Buyers Need to Know Before Putting in an Offer

Far too often Buying a house can be a daunting and stressful Proposition. We only have one goal and King Realty - when you get the keys to your new home you are so thrilled with where you ended up and the process of getting there that you tell everyone you know they're crazy not to hire us.

1. Choose the right agent/broker

Far too many buyers don't pay much attention to who they use because the sellers pay the commission. This is a huge mistake. A local market expert can help you avoid problem properties, and save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on your purchase. And one with a great reputation can get you to the front of the line in a competitive offer situation, and we often do that even when our buyer isn't bringing the highest priced offer.

2. choose the right lender

Most buyers don't realize that your choice of lender is almost as important as who represents you on your purchase. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Most big banks have terrible process and very little flexibility. This can make the escrow period very stressful, and cause deals to blow up, either because they didn't pre-underwrite the buyer or they don't understand the market.

2. Pre-approval - vs pre-underwritten. Most lenders will give you a pre-approval pretty easily, often based only on what a buyer tells them. A lender who gets you pre-underwritten is telling you you're going to get a loan. Not only does this make the deal smoother but it helps get offers accepted as well.

3. Choose a local lender who knows the market you're buying in. Out of area lenders often cause problems or lose deals because they don't know the market. 

3. Get pre-approved for as much as you can

Many buyers get lender approvals for what they think they can afford. While we understand why, this could cost you the home of your dreams. If you fall in love with something that's priced higher than your approval you'll need to go back to underwriting to get approved at the higher amount. The time that takes could cause you to miss out on a home that's perfect for you.

4. Frame your search properly

Are you using the best search site? Probably not, for two simple reasons:

1. Some agents/brokers refuse to syndicate their listings to 3rd party websites. The only way to avoid missing out on these is to have your agent/brokers set up your search feed directly from the local MLS.

2. Get data on asking vs selling price in the areas you are interested. Some have wild differences, so if you don't set your search price max properly you're going to be inundated with places you can't afford.

5. Take your time

Buying real estate is a lot like dating - you need to see a lot of what you don't like to figure out what you do. If you pull the trigger too early you may really regret it, as buyer dealmakers and deal breakers tend to change over time.

6. think about your exit plan

How long are you planning on staying in your current property? Will you need to sell first before upgrading? Will you have to move sooner if you get married or have kids? These are just a few of the things you want to think about when buying or it could cause you stress and money.



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