Southwest Florida Five Star award winner




  • Five Star Real Estate Agent award winner  -2008 - 2009 - 2011 -2013 -2014- 2015 -2016 -2017-2018 -2019
  • Golden Bear Award
  • Golden Bear Platinium 


  • Areas of Focus: Miromar Lakes, Estero, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers


I am not the typical real estate agent. I am a Real Estate and Design Professional who prefers to buy and sell real estate by the numbers as supported by relentless research! I believe that real estate brokerage is a serious business that requires the dedication of an entrepreneurial CEO and the courage, honesty, and fortitude to do what is right by the client. I love to study the statistics, trends, and forecasts of our market.

My real estate philosophy and governing belief is this- the true value of Real Estate is fundamentally indefinable. I take exception to the notion that price is the dominating factor to judge the health of the real estate market. The velocity of sales and total dollar amount is the more appropriate method of measurement.

All markets are not created equal. There are pocket markers within larger markets that react to their own market forces despite what the larger governing real estate market is doing. I believe in technology and use it. I prefer the speed of emails and text messages to voice messages, but feel that conversation is a necessary first step to fully understanding and defining the scope of someone’s needs.

I believe in gathering information from all sources that can affect real estate values. I communicate regularly with other experts. My family comes first. I love my husband, our six grown young adult children, three grandchildren, and two dogs. Should a conflict arise, I may ask to reschedule, but I will never leave you in the dark unattended; neither will I put you in a position that will cause you to lose.

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