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Written by: Jackie Lieberman for TAPIntoWestfield 


When he was 8 years old, Mark Swingle took the money he saved from doing extra chores around the house and invested in the stock market. The Westfield boy didn’t get rich off of his first investments, but he sure learned a few things.

“That was my first experience with stocks,” said Swingle, who now runs Westfield Financial Planning with his team on East Broad Street. He is a Five Star Wealth Manager, a designation based on client retention.

Highly involved in the community, Swingle is the president of the Westfield Foundation, and a past president of the Westfield Area YMCA. He was active for many years in the Westfield Rotary Club.

Swingle is passionate about helping others, and financial planning is how he does this every day.

“I always wanted to be a financial planner,” Swingle said.

The Westfield Financial Planning team consists of two CFPs, Swingle and wealth advisor Tim Huynh; the portfolio analyst and CFA Daniel Song; office manager Mary Caye McCourt; client services director and compliance officer Denise Colleran; and marketing expert Mary Harris. Swingle credits the mix of wisdom and experience with the younger employees’ youthful energy for bringing the best service to their clients.

In addition to working as a team at the office, Swingle believes in using a collaborative approach with other highly skilled professionals around the country, including those who specialize in direct investment management, life insurance and long-term care insurance brokers, estate attorneys, group insurance brokers, tax professionals and actuaries.

The pillars of financial planning are core to Westfield Financial Planning’s expertise: investing, income tax, estate planning, insurance, and financial planning for retirement, college and other life events. They are an independent Registered Investment Advisor registered with the SEC and their services are provided fee only as a fiduciary.

Customer service is paramount, and Westfield Financial Planning makes it a point to meet with clients at least twice a year.

The COVID Leap

Financial planning is top of mind in these uncertain times.

“Because of the health situation, with the downturn of the markets, people got more nervous than they did in ’08, ’09, so we’ve had a tremendous influx of business this year,” Swingle said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much of how the world does business, and Westfield Financial Planning was ready.

“We were well prepared for a business interruption, although we never expected it to be a pandemic,” said Swingle. “When COVID happened, we were all set.”

The team quickly adapted to working from home, routing calls to their cell phones. Video conferencing was already an important tool, Swingle said.

“We had already been meeting with clients all over the country and all over the world,” Swingle said. “With Zoom, you really can see people’s expressions, and that helps establish a personal connection.”

Find out how Westfield Financial Planning can help you by calling 908-379-2706. Visit their website at

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