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Indianapolis Five Star award winner



  • Five Star Real Estate Agent award winner ten years in a row 2012-2021, 2023
  • 30 years as a broker with F.C. Tucker Company.
  • Partnership Award: Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation.


  • Areas of Focus: Indianapolis, Downtown, Historic Districts, southern Hamilton County.
  • Knowlegable about old houses: wiring, plumbing, foundations, shingles, windows, paint, radon, floodplains, 
  • Recognized by Angies List as an expert on buried cistern water tanks.
  • Survival: 30 years as a full-time agent through recessions and hyper-inflation.
  • Careful: in 30 years not one of my buyers has lost their home.


  • Residential only (not able to buy & sell commercial).
  • 99% Home Sales and 1% Leasing & Property Management.
  • Approximately 50% representing Buyers and 50% representing Seller.
  • Extra Full-service (not discount or limited service agent).
  • A Realtor's Realtor: extensive collaboration and support of other agents regardless of company.
  • Not a lawyer, but a watchfull studier of all the ways people can get into trouble with real estate.


  1. Frankly, my job is not to sell your home!  My efforts should not be focused on you; my job is to attract a buyer.  So expect me to do things that market your home in unique and informative ways to buyers.
  2. Really, most listing agents are rather lazy.
  3. Eric Baiz's famous 20 page PROSPECTUS is a PDF document containing all kinds of mostly publicly available information that will instill confidence in the buyers that they really understand your house and the transaction.
  4. There is a universal truth in selling a house: Buyers will not buy what they don't understand.
  5. I do not have a team.  You will not have multiple strangers handling segmented aspets of your transaction. You will only have the joy of working with me.
  6. Virtual Tours are virtually useless; they are mostly still photos with Mozart or New Age Music. Instead, I make a MOVIE of your house: about 3 minutes with my voice saying what is important in each room.
  7. Eric Baiz's "LISTING MARKETING REPORT CARD" is a comprehensive, updated, single-page document covering all aspects of marketing your home. I am happy to share it with you throughout the selling process.
  8. I view our relationship as teamwork. We are co-marketing your home. I believe in cooperation.


1. Q: So, is there anything else I need to know about your lovely family before we go looking at homes? A: Well, we do have a horse!  My greatest failing is that I frequently don't get to see your kids, your furniture, your toys; so please tell me everything that is important for me to know.

2. Eric Baiz's "COMMON BUYER MISTAKES"  contains 6 pages of all the surprises my buyers have experienced over my 30 years.  Includes: Touring, Negotiations, Inspections, Financing, Expenses...

3. I work with an unusually wide range of buyers: from millionaires, to investors, and to people struggling to buy their first home.  I am fully knowledgable, experience, and caring to help all types and conditions of people.  There is little that I haven't seen.

4. I grew up in a National Register house and I now own a home in a federally designated historic district. So, I know old buildings. When we walk through homes, old or new, I will not be schmoozing you as to whether "your furniture will go well in this blue room"; rather, I will be educating you on furnaces, foundations, wood rot, roof leaks, bad wiring, buckling floors, etc. In 28 years I have never had a buyer loose their home due to mechanical failures or the mortgage financing. You do not need your agent to know when to say "Yes", you need your agent to know when to say "No".

5. In a tight housing market, speed is essential.  I will give you direct access into the Board of Realtor's database of homes. Within a second of a new listing coming on the market, you will get an email notifying you of this. 

6. I take pride that this is a service business.  In general, when you are ready to see a home or write an offer, I will try to drop everything else and get to you quickly.  I always answer my phone, unless I am with another client.  I don't call screen.


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