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Dee Dee Branand

660 Pennsylvania Ave SE Suite 300
Washington, DC 20003
Office: 202-369-7902
Cell: 202-369-7902


I was born and raised in the Chicago Suburbs and am often quickly identified as being a Midwesterner.  I welcome the designation, as in context it connotes friendliness, warmth and a value system that rewards richness of character rather than external benchmarks. I had great parents, both entrepreneurs, Dad was in the family coal business and Mom was a choreographer—so of course, yes, I was trained in both classical dance and how to succeed in business.  My degrees were in psychology and marketing, and I credit them for enlightening me regarding the human condition, especially how that condition applies to the need for and appreciation of a home.

         Real estate is a passion for me.  The decision to purchase a home is the most significant one many of us ever make, and it impacts us on so many levels, including financial, intellectual, and emotional.  To have a role in such an important time in the lives of others is a sincere privilege and a welcomed responsibility!  While I am licensed and practice in the wide DC metro area, Capitol Hill is my home and my specialty. Many years ago (too many to mention) we purchased our first historic Capitol Hill home and lovingly restored it.  We then moved through a series of historic Hill home projects on our own and today continue our purchase and renovate avocation with our children and my wonderful friends and clients.

         I know the DC market, particularly the Hill, in great detail, and especially enjoy sharing that knowledge with first-time buyers.  Their joy in finding that first perfect nest is profound and infectious.  In working with all my buyer clients, I love the challenge of finding the right home, of crafting a persuasive and attractive offer, and of designing one that can prevail in competitive bidding situations.  For my seller clients, I love getting their home market-ready, establishing the right price point, and then presenting their beloved home in a compelling manner that excites new buyers.

         My husband and I have three children, all raised on the Hill.  They went to St. Peter’s, Gonzaga and Visitation, then Babson, Georgetown, and University of Michigan.  All of them are active in real estate (I still help out with their tile, masonry, and paint work), and they are three of my favorite people on earth. What else holds my interest and energy besides real estate and family? Well, traveling with family to the mountains and beaches of the world.  I am still blessed that twice a year our kids join us for a week of family immersion in great places on earth.  I am also devoted to our 8 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Ripken.  He also travels with us on our cherished family adventures and has been known to pull his weight on demolition days during our Hill renovation projects.

         In the service of my clients, I strive for excellence and leverage my talent, experience, and expertise on their behalf.  While I have been blessed with awards and recognition based on industry metrics, the essence of my success is that I truly love what I do and the people I do it with.



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