Seattle Five Star award winner


Success Leaves a Track Record

While most other Realtors will talk about performance in terms of the volume of homes they’ve sold, the number of transactions they’ve done, the alphabet soup that follows their names, or lean on some sort mysterious “local neighborhood” knowledge, I look at performance differently.

I think the performance that matters to people is not how well I've done for myself (the number of houses I sold) but how well I've done for my clients – how much more money I've put in their pockets.

What follows are the local market averages for the preceding 12 months followed by my performance over the same time period.


Houses have sold for 100% of list price in 39 days on market 


Houses sold for 104% of list price (4% above average) in 24 days on market (40% less time)

This means the 36 families whose homes I helped sell over the last 12 months put an average of $17,500 more in their pocket than had they hired an agent that performs at an average level.




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