Charlotte Five Star award winner


Tiffany Johannes

Charlotte Home Experts Team
NC 259439/SC 79129
12104 Copper Way Ste 100
Charlotte, NC 28277
Office: 704-837-0010
Cell: 704-301-7404

Resourceful problem-solver, skillful negotiator, tenacious advocate, astute analyst, life-long seeker of new knowledge – meet Tiffany Johannes, Owner and Broker-in-Charge of Charlotte Home Experts. Add to that skill set a genuine passion for helping people navigate the complex world of real estate and reach their goals of home ownership, and her bold decision to start her own real estate company makes perfect sense. It has proven to be a great decision for her personally, for the agents who have chosen to affiliate with the company, and for the hundreds of clients who have benefited from the collective expertise and professionalism that Charlotte Home Experts represents.

One might say that Tiffany has been preparing for her current role all her life. A strong education in Business Management and Finance at NC State University was the foundation. After graduating, she transitioned into professional life, where she always assumed responsibility-laden, challenging roles. Her diverse portfolio of experience includes a management position within a major corporation, an entrepreneurial role helping small businesses develop and thrive, and a public-sector position managing the office of a United States Congressman who served on the Banking, Finance, and Housing Committee.

The leap into establishing a real estate company in the competitive big-city environment of Charlotte required that Tiffany call upon her business acumen and cultivate it even further, by way of a series of advanced courses and leadership training. Within one short year, Tiffany purchased a “Help-U-Sell” franchise and acquired the GRI (Graduate Realtor® Institute) credential that allowed her to fully assume the Broker-in-Charge role. In 2015, she converted the “HUS” franchise into the company now known as Charlotte Home Experts.

Ever-attentive to her role as leader and example-setter within the company, she makes it a priority to always be accessible to her agents as a resource and coach, to ensure their success in helping clients and to nurture their growth as professionals. And through a rare degree of time management skill, Tiffany is also able to maintain a brisk pace of business selling homes for her clients. She thrives on the challenge of solving even the most complex of issues that arise in the course of a real estate transaction, and takes it as a matter of personal pride to ensure that at the conclusion of every home sale, her clients are, as she puts it, “delighted at the end, not upset!”

On top of what would already be a rather “full plate” for the average real estate professional, Tiffany finds time not just to participate, but to immerse herself, in continuing education, as in her regular attendance at national “Masterminds in Real Estate” conferences. She also sits on the Board of Directors of the Charlotte Regional Realtors® Association and is a Board Member of the Housing Opportunity Foundation, a group that is dedicated to helping people achieve and keep home ownership, as well as to achieve housing stability for all.

Finally, what Tiffany says gives her the energy and drive to be successful professionally, is unflinching attention to health and good nutrition, coupled with a vigorous exercise regimen, as she regularly trains for ever-more challenging runs, like the upcoming Spartan events. But her most cherished time of all is that which she spends with family – her husband, Mike, and daughter, Zoe, are the treasures she holds closest.


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