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The Best Time to Refinance a Home Mortgage Loan

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Refinancing provides an opportunity to save money on a home loan. Whether a borrower wants to pay off several debts or to obtain a lower mortgage payment, refinancing could be a favorable solution. Choosing the ideal time to refinance might significantly impact a borrower’s terms on a new loan.

Market Timing for a Home Loan

Subtle changes in the marketplace could enable you to save money on your mortgage loan. Waiting for several months to refinance could be costly. If interest rates trend higher, you might miss out on a great deal.

Timing the market for mortgage interest rates is extremely difficult to accomplish. Paying attention to financial publications and financial websites could position you to lock-in an attractive home mortgage rate. Speaking with a financial professional or a mortgage loan officer could provide some insight about the current state of mortgage interest rates and certain financial trends.

Personal Credit History

Ideally, you should strive to refinance when your credit rating and score are suitable for the loan terms that you desire. Having a solid payment history on your existing mortgage should increase your ability to secure an attractive mortgage rate. The best time to refinance is when you have at least a two-year credit history that reflects zero late payments on your mortgage or other consumer debts. Borrowers who maintain a high credit score are generally offered more attractive mortgage loan terms. If your credit score is above 740 points, you might be a candidate for a prime mortgage loan. However, if your credit score is around 728 points, you should speak with a loan officer to determine whether now is the best time to refinance your mortgage.


To get the best mortgage rate for your situation, you should speak with a loan professional. An assessment of your credit and your home equity may enable a loan officer to find an attractive mortgage program for your needs. Waiting to accumulate financial reserves might improve your chance of qualifying for a home loan. A savings account, retirement funds or investments that reflect your ability to pay for a new home loan for more than six months could be instrumental toward a mortgage loan approval. Contact a mortgage lender for more information about refinancing your home loan. 

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