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30 Under 30

Young, successful, and loving the business


By Leslie Cummings, Robert Freedman, Michelle Hofmann, Chris Leporini, Elyse Umlauf-Garneau


Published May of 2002


They’re the owners. Sales associates. Team leaders. Innovators. Men. Women. True newbies. And family business scions. This year’s “30 under 30” is a diverse group of young people with a common talent: the ability to maximize their early career experiences and natural gifts in order to make their mark in the business. Patrick “Trey” Salatto built his business using contacts he made working for a large developer. Bernadette Hurley, inspired by her experience as a pre-marriage counselor, launched a marketing campaign aimed at brides. And Nathan Anderson’s education gave him the insight he needed to create a niche market identity for his company. Our 30 rising stars are using what they know to build successful careers. Their ideas might inspire a new chapter in your career, too.

24, Darryl Bodle II. Tip: Follow through on promises you make to clients or it will reflect badly on you.

No money down

Darryl Bodle II knows what it’s like to want a home but to be unable to save for the downpayment.

After he and his wife sought help from the not-for-profit Nehemiah Corp. of California to buy their first home, Bodle realized his friends could also benefit from Nehemiah, the nation’s largest privately funded down payment assistance program (nehemiahcorp.org). The program allows sellers to give 3 percent of their home’s sale price to be used as a down payment for the buyer.

Once Bodle began publicizing the program, he says he had clients lined up to buy houses with no money down. Bodle racked up $6.9 million in sales in 2001 as a salesperson with John L. Scott Real Estate in Lake Oswego, Ore. “I sold to some friends; then it seemed as if friend after friend was calling about the program.”

After a television show ran a story about Nehemiah, the local Catholic archdiocese asked Bodle to speak about the program at several churches. Soon he was conducting seminars at community centers throughout the area. Now, about 50 percent of his business is from people interested in Nehemiah loans.

“The referrals have just snowballed,” he says.



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Published on 06/01/2006

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Blast from the past
30 Under 30: Where Are They Now?

Past winners show they haven’t stopped learning, growing, and taking on new challenges.

By Barbara Ballinger

Six years ago, REALTOR ® Magazine named its first class of “30 Under 30” to recognize emerging stars of real estate business and to inspire all practitioners, rookies and veterans alike, to succeed. This year we decide to catch up with past winners to see how their professional and personal lives have changed since their stories appeared in the magazine.

What we found was impressive: these go-getting real estate professionals are as passionate about their work and as committed to their values as when they were named to the list. They’re eager to take on new opportunities and quick to find solutions to the challenges they face, whether it’s finding time to spend with family or dealing with a market slowdown.

Here, we bring you up to date on what more than a dozen of our past winners are doing today, and deliver take-away tips on how you can find success in your work and life. We hope that their ambition, energy, and joie de vivre will inspire you once again.

Use Technology to Be More Efficient

Darryl Bodle II, 28 (2002 winner)
Principal broker, John L. Scott Real Estate
Lake Oswego, Ore.

A year after winning, Bodle hired an assistant and doubled his sales volume. Since then he’s added two more licensed assistants and last year sold more than $26 million in real estate. He expects to surpass that figure this year. His secret? Delivering a high level of customer service to generate referrals, and using technology to keep in touch with his investor clients all over the country. He also attributes his growing business to the young , aggressive staff he’s hired. Of course, the hot local real estate market doesn’t hurt. “Portland used to be an undiscovered diamond in the rough, but now it’s growing rapidly.”

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